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 racfa course


 racfa course





Email for course location and details open Civilian and Security Industry as required for medical qualifications

The Dutch Orange Cross, which is the regulating body for First Aid Training for the Dutch Government, is interested in having Auriex, AREMT TacMed, write the Medical Protocol for the State Certified Tactical Medical Training for Civilians. Dr. Philippe has already agreed to write a draft and we are developing this as we speak. A meeting with the Orange Cross Directors and Auriex is planned for the 23rd of October. To be updated. 


° The Gent Police Specialised Unit in Belgium is the first Police Unit that will be trained under the AREMT TacMed Faculty program. They have sent us the approval this week. Vincenzo will be joining this training as instructor to get familiar with the RACFA training and as representative of AREMT. Dates are to be specified this month. 


° After the demo-training provided in Utrecht in the Netherlands, several Police and Fire Units have shown interest for the RACFA training. An offer for the Zwolle Police Department has been submitted and several others are on their way. This will result in trainings soon. 


° Auriex has assured the possibility to have students do internships at an Emergency Room and Ambulance Service in Moldova. This will allow us to provide clinical apprenticeship to candidates of AREMT for EMT training. Ron, we will discuss this separately but this is a nice step forward. 


° A plan is being set up for cooperation between the Belgian Army and Auriex/AREMT. 

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